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Why Swell Review Beats the Competition

August 11, 2022

At Swell, reviews are our bread and butter. By sending fully customized review requests and using our proven best practices for driving results, many Swell customers see their review numbers skyrocket. 

When you sign up with Swell, from your first onboarding meeting we help you set up automated review request text messages. It’s not an add-on you have to figure out yourself; it’s an integral part of the Swell user experience. Keep reading to learn:

  • Why we emphasize reviews
  • How reviews earn you new customers
  • The 3 reasons Swell Review beats other tools

Why We Emphasize Reviews

Reviews are just one part of our complete customer experience platform. So why do we make such a big deal about them?

We emphasize reviews because they have a disproportionate impact on whether or not your business grows (more on how that works in a minute). Plus, we’ve made it an automated process that requires very little work on your part, so even when you’re busy, Swell Review works hard for you behind the scenes. 

We can confidently say that reviews are one of the fastest and most powerful ways our customers realize the value of Swell.

The Science of Reviews and Business Growth

How do reviews grow your business? It’s a simple process.

  1. When a prospect near you is looking for a new business, they’re likely to turn online, where they’ll search something like “dry cleaner near me.” 
  2. Reviews raise your search engine ranking so you are more visible to those local prospects. Earning reviews shows search platforms that your business is high-quality so they rank you near the top of the results page (Search Engine Journal).
  3. Higher ranking businesses get more views. 5X as many people view businesses in the top 3 Google search results (MomentFeed).
  4. Prospects can evaluate your business by your raving reviews and are more likely to give you a call. 98% of people look at reviews when considering a local business (Bright Local).
  5. In order to be competitive, you need to keep a steady stream of reviews coming in. 73% of consumers only pay attention to reviews that were written in the past month (Webfx).

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That simple science is why we double down on reviews. Once you’ve put growth on autopilot, you can use our full suite of communication tools to focus on providing amazing customer experiences that earn those 5-star reviews.

Why Swell’s Review Requests Work Better

Swell customers who switched from a different platform often say they simply get more reviews with Swell. Here’s what Swell offers that helps achieve those results:

  1. Best Practices That Drive Better Response Rates: We dive into data about which review request text messages get responses and which ones don’t. Unlike other platforms that offer little guidance, we pass along our hard-earned best practices for message send times, follow-up intervals, text message wording, and more. You don’t just get the tools; they come alongside our expert knowledge to guide your decisions.
  2. Customization That Gives You More Control: At the end of the day you know your business best. If you think your customers would prefer to hear from your business one week after an interaction, that’s completely up to you. You have full power to change anything you want about your review solicitation process. Our automations go much deeper than our competitors’ and are entirely in your hands.
  3. Message Personalization That Raises Response Rates: Adding a personal touch to your review request texts makes a huge difference in response rates. We give you full customization options, from using your customers’ names, to adding a photo (like one of your staff, office, or logo), to the wording of the message. Personalized branded text messages create a stronger connection with your customers and make it more likely that they will respond.

By partnering with Swell, you’ll be empowered with review generation tools that are customizable, easy to use, and drive more responses than any other platform.

Learn why Swell Review beats the competition or see it in action by requesting a demo.

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