Better Feedback for a Better Patient Journey

Standardize patient feedback programs and NPS across your entire organization. Improve the patient experience by getting detailed patient feedback you can act on.
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A man looking at his laptop that shows performance metrics of all the reviews that have been left for his company.

Improve Operations Through Detailed Feedback

Get Feedback Across the Patient Journey

Create patient feedback surveys that go out automatically based on criteria like procedure or provider code, date, and more.

Monitor Your NPS Across Locations

Automated NPS surveys allow you to keep a pulse on how locations are doing and how your entire organization is doing.

Compare Locations, Providers, and More

Customize your own patient feedback surveys to gather information about your practice, procedures, providers, or anything that comprises the patient journey.
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Swell Features

Create Multi-question Surveys

Easily create multi-question surveys with multiple question types. Templatize surveys for use across your org.
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A woman looking at her laptop that shows how to build a survey for customers to fill out.
A man looking at his phone that shows a survey that was sent to him after his recent visit.

Automatically Send Surveys via Text

Integration with your EHR/PMS allows you to send surveys based on provider or procedure code, date, and more.
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Monitor Net Promoter Score Org-Wide

Send regular NPS surveys to monitor how your organization is doing as a whole.
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A man looking at his laptop that shows performance metrics of how his Net Promotor Score is.
2 colleagues looking at a laptop that shows performance metrics across different business locations.

Compare Metrics Across Locations & Providers

View NPS and review leaderboards. Drill into open rates, survey response rates, and other crucial data.
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Coordinate With Patients via Text Message

Start text messaging patients directly to coordinate appointments, answer questions, and so on.
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A woman sitting on her couch, with a bandage/cast around her leg, responding to a text message her doctor sent, asking if she could set up a follow up appointment.
A woman looking at her phone that shows text messages sent back and forth from her and her medical provider about an insurance question she has.

Message Patients With Online Webchat

Engage with patients and prospects right on your website to answer questions or discuss services.
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Enjoy Incredible Results

Actionable Patient Feedback

Consistent NPS Monitoring

Excellent Response Rates

Shareable Reports &Analytics

More Great Features

Create Review and Survey Templates

Create templates at a brand level, and share with individual practice locations to save time and create consistent results.

Integrate With Your EHR/PMS

Integrate with most EHR/PMS systems to automate review invites.

Engage With Online Webchat

Create multi-step campaigns comprised of texts and emails.

Read and Reply to Messages

Receive notifications when you receive a new review online, so you can address feedback quickly.

Launch Email and Text Sequences

Automatically remind patients to leave a review if they didn’t do so the first time.

View and Share Detailed Analytics

View review totals, review scores, and review rates across Google and other platforms. See location leaderboards and account health inside one tidy dashboard.

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