You Handle Plaque Growth, We’ll Handle Practice Growth

What if new patients just came to you automatically? With Swell, it’s almost that easy. It helps you harness the power of patient engagement and feedback, so you can improve the patient experience. It also helps you boost your online reputation and search rankings. Best of all? It’s super easy to set up and use.

Learn From Your Best Patients

Get a Pulse on Your Online Reputation

How’s your practice really doing? Swell shows you review scores on platforms like Google and Facebook all in one dashboard. This gives you a great overview of how you’re performing as a practice—you can even reply to reviews right inside the app.

Swell Insight

Amp-up The Patient Experience

A great patient journey is how you get referrals and tons of new patients. Swell helps you find ways to constantly improve PX by giving you an easy way to automatically send patients text surveys.

Swell Survey

Connect With Patients Anytime, Anywhere

Consolidate Messages, Keep Engaging

Communication matters, but it must be convenient for patients and your staff. Swell consolidates text and Facebook Messenger conversations into one place. This makes it easy for you to chat with patients in ways that are most convenient to them.

Swell Message

Route Messages, Answer Questions Fast

Quick service is a matter of getting the right messages to the right people. Swell Message lets you route incoming messages to people or locations that need them, so you can act ASAP.

Swell Message

Grow Your Rank, Reputation, and Revenue

Look Awesome to Prospects Online

Great clinical care should be rewarded with great reviews. With Swell, it’s automatic. Once set up, Swell dynamically texts patients based upon the type or procedure they had to ask them to leave you a review on Google Business, Facebook, Healthgrades, and more. More solid reviews mean high search rankings and proof to prospects that your practice is a great choice.

Swell Review

Convert New Patients on Your Website

A patient found you and started browsing your website—what now? With Swell WebChat, you can chat with prospects right on your website, so you can answer their care questions, or even set up an appointment and get them in the office.

Swell Webchat

Let Patients Schedule Their Own Appointments

Online scheduling is standard for most practices; is yours up to par? Swell Schedule easily plugs into your website to let patients request their own appointments. This gives your staff one less thing to do and makes scheduling convenient for patients.

Swell Schedule

From Procedure to Paid, Faster

Sometimes patients don’t pay on time. With Swell Pay, you can give patients a convenient way to pay by sending them a text-message reminder. Not only are they less likely to miss your message, they’ll also receive a link to pay inside the text, so settling up is easier than ever.

Swell Pay

Why Is Swell Different?

Easy, Fast Results

You focus on what you know. We’ll help improve your reputation and patient experience the easy way.

Works How You Do

Get set up in 30 minutes. Get huge results in a few days.

Fully Custom

Customize where and when you send messages and integrate with your POS software or PMS.

Inside Swell

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