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Put Texting to Work for Your Business

August 8, 2022

We all use texting to keep in touch in our personal lives, and if you don’t use texting for your business too, you’re missing out. 98% of text messages get opened and 6 in 10 texts are read within 5 minutes. It’s a powerful way to reach your customers with timely and helpful information. 

In this article we’ll cover:

  • How texting scales your customer engagement
  • The top 5 things texting can offer your business
  • How to set up SMS business texting

Scaling Your Customer Engagement Through Texting

Business text messaging improves the communication between your business and your customers. It makes you more accessible to them, which can improve your customer satisfaction. The more connected you stay to customers, the more likely they are to keep your business in mind when it’s time for their next purchase or visit. And your customers like it, too. An impressive 70% say texting is a great way for a small business to get their attention.

What Does Customer Texting Have to Offer My Business?

Customer texting can impress your customers, save you time, and even grow your business. The top five strategies for engaging with customers via text are to:

  1. Have One-to-One Conversations to be More Reachable: Since your customers already rely on texting, it’s an easy way to have quick conversations. When they can send in a question and get a fast answer you provide a convenient experience for them and you save yourself time from answering a phone call that could take much longer.
  2. Source Feedback to Get Actionable Insights: Sending simple surveys is a great way to hear from customers and get their honest advice for improving your business. Customer feedback text messages can be triggered automatically after an appointment or visit to make sure you get timely input.
  3. Get More Reviews to Grow Your Reputation: Asking for reviews through automatic texts can be much more effective than trying to remember to ask in person. Review request SMS messages can even be followed up by an automatic reminder.
  4. Send Reminders to Improve Efficiency: Tired of customers missing appointments? Choose your criteria for automatic reminders, like how long before the scheduled time you want to remind them, and turn on automatic texts. 
  5. Share Promotions to Boost Sales: SMS marketing is an easy way to get the word out about sales and promotions. If you’re offering a holiday discount code, you can save your time on email marketing’s low open rates and skip right to the method that gets much higher opens: texting.

How Do I Set Up Business SMS Texting With My Customers?

Choosing a customer texting platform, like Swell, is the easiest way to start texting your customers. You’ll be able to connect the platform to your office phone number so customers can reach you via text at a familiar phone number. 

Why Text with Swell? You can send mass texts, manage bookings, answer questions, request reviews, and more through automations that our team helps set up. We share our best practices for the optimal times to send your texts so they get read. Plus, Swell integrates with your other platforms so you can trigger automatic texts based on appointment management software, your CMS, or more. All your incoming messages show up in one inbox where you can view all conversations at a glance and assign them to the correct team member.

Check out Swell Message or book a demo of our platform.

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