Dental Membership Plans: The Key to Happy, Loyal, and Engaged Patients

Dave Monahan, CEO of Kleer
May 17, 2021

Happy, loyal, and engaged patients are critical to the long-term success of a dental practice, yet today over 130 million Americans are avoiding their dentist because they do not have coverage. This is a major problem because when patients avoid your practice their health suffers, their loyalty declines, they do not refer friends and family, and you miss an opportunity to build the reputation of your practice—resulting in high patient attrition, unfilled hygiene schedules, low case acceptance, and lost revenue. The good news is that there is a simple and easy solution you can implement right away that increases uninsured patient loyalty and engagement and drives results for your practice—a dental membership plan. 

Make Patients Happy by Giving Them What They Want

Research shows that 89% of uninsured patients want a simple, affordable, and transparent coverage option—which is exactly what a dental membership plan is! Patients pay a monthly or annual fee directly to your practice, and in return receive preventative care and discounts off other treatment. You are in full control of the customization of your membership plan by determining the treatment protocol, subscription price, and fee schedule. For example, you might offer an adult membership plan for $28 per month that includes two cleanings, two exams, one fluoride treatment, x-rays, an emergency exam and a 20% discount off additional treatment. With no insurance middleman in the way, you and your patients will not need to deal with annual maximums, pre-approvals, exclusions for pre-existing conditions, or waiting periods. Patients get access to benefits immediately after signing up and there are no roadblocks or hassles to accepting treatment. This model makes patients happy because it’s simple, affordable, and transparent and they don’t have to worry about losing coverage from an unforeseen circumstance like a job loss or benefit change. 

Increase Patient Loyalty Through a “Membership Club Effect”

Consumers join membership plans for their favorite products and services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Costco, and American Airlines. Companies use this business model because it significantly increases brand loyalty and usage. You can take this same successful approach and use it to drive patient loyalty and treatment acceptance for your practice. That’s because a dental membership plan, like these other membership plans, creates a membership club effect. This means that the member, or in your case your patient, gets access to products and services they want with simple and convenient terms. By knowing exactly what they receive and at what cost, they become more comfortable visiting your office and accepting treatment. This creates more interactions with your practice and strengthens patient loyalty over time. 

Drive Patient Engagement… and Business Results!

The membership club effect isn’t just a concept, it gets results. As documented in The Membership Economy and The Automatic Customer, customers with a membership plan purchase 2X more products and services than those without. We have seen the exact same results with Kleer membership plans across thousands of dental practices. In fact, patients on a Kleer membership plan:

  • Visit 2-3X more often than uncovered patients 
  • Generate 2.1X more overall production and 1.7X more hygiene production than uncovered patients 
  • Accept 2.3X more treatment than uncovered patients

Plus, the monthly and annual subscription payments create a reliable, recurring revenue stream that will keep your practice thriving long-term. 

Swell + Kleer are Committed to Fostering Happy, Loyal, and Engaged Patients

Swell and Kleer have joined forces! Kleer’s dental membership plan platform enables dental practices to give patients access to the care they need, and Swell provides dental practices with automated patient engagement tools that measure patient satisfaction. Together, Kleer and Swell help dental practices provide outstanding service and create positive interactions with patients in order to boost a practice’s reputation and grow their business. 

Three Reasons to Try Kleer 

  1. Kleer is easy, fast, and FREE to get started. There are no upfront, implementation, or fixed monthly fees! Kleer only makes money when your practice enrolls members and gets paid. Your success is our success.
  2. Kleer has a dedicated success team—a group of onboarding, growth, and patient support specialists—to help you every step of the way. The team provides a FREE design and pricing consult, team training, growth strategies, marketing collateral, and patient support.
  3. Kleer has additional opportunities to expand your practice. Our latest innovation, Kleer Employee Care, enables practices to offer an employer membership plan to local small businesses bringing new, employer-sponsored patients to your practice.

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