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Positive interactions and convenient transactions keep people happy and coming back to your business. Plus, smiles are free advertising!

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Reviews: The Virtual Door to Your Office

Turn your best patients into your best online reviews. Drive new patients to your *actual* office doors.

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You Handle Plaque Growth. We'll Handle Practice Growth.

When a potential patient visits your site, engage and schedule them via their preferred method:

  • Webchat
  • Text Message
  • Facebook Messenger

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You’ve boosted your online presence. You’ve gained new patients. Now keep them coming back. Maintain your momentum by checking in with people, incorporating their feedback, and monitoring your overall performance and progress.

  • Check in after checkout with automated outreach. Quick surveys can help you pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Stay up to date on client sentiment with clear, clean dashboards.
  • Integrate your existing systems to automatically trigger business-building outreach based on individual customers’ experiences.
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Swell Plugs in to Your Existing Systems

Swell is constantly expanding its library of integrations, meaning you can blend Swell with your existing software and take advantage of everything Swell has to offer.

Cloud9 Software
Denticon / Planet DDS
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Some of the Fastest-Growing Practices Use Swell

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"It's amazing. Every single night, I get home, and there's another 5 star review. We've received over 40 new reviews in just 3 weeks!"

Chad Duplantis, DDS
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"I recommend Swell to all of my clients. You simply won't find a better solution and company that is actually committed to ensuring that your practice is set up to grow."

Kiera Dent, Owner/Founder
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"There is not a single practice that should not have Swell. I don't know how or why, but they are just the best at what they do."

George Hariri, DDS, CEO

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