Turn Website Visitors Into Lifelong Customers

Engage with customers and prospects by adding a chat window to your site—no coding experience needed.

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Congrats, someone found your website! How to do you convert them into customers before they leave? You solve their problem right away and you might only have a few seconds. How do you do it? Swell WebChat lets your website visitors quickly ask you questions so you can give them the answers they need and improve the odds that they become customers. You can build trust and rapport with prospects right from the get-go and provide topnotch service to your customers. This means returning customers will be more satisfied, and prospects will be new customers in no time.

Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

Engage with prospects in seconds and begin building trust from the moment they find you.

Power Fantastic Customer Service

Give customers the help they need in seconds through an easy-to-use chat screen.

Be Responsive Without Being Overwhelmed

Never miss a thing. Get a notification then view and respond to conversations from WebChat, SMS texts, and Facebook Messenger, from one place.

Feature List

Chat With Ease and Personalize

Customize Everything

Customize branding, messaging, fonts, colors, icons, and profile pics so every message is your message.

Easy-Peasy Setup

Setup takes just a few minutes and no coding experience (we’ll even walk you through it).

Chat with 1 or 100+

Lots of visitors? Swell WebChat can handle loads of individuals chatting with you at the same time.


Get an alert any time you receive a WebChat, so you can reply quickly.

Collaborate Across Teams

Group Chat

Get the right people working on a problem. Group chat lets one or more team members chat with a single website visitor.

Automatic Message Routing

Answer questions fast. Customize contact groups, so that the right messages are routed to the right person, team, or location.

Multiple Chat Instances

Give individual locations or sub-brands their own way to connect. Create multiple web chats on a single website or across multiple websites.