Swell Survey

Send quick, simple surveys and get honest feedback, without lifting a finger. Well, maybe *a* finger.

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What You See

An example of Swell Survey on a laptop.

An automated way to send surveys via text.

  • A survey process designed to increase completion rates
  • A template for adding custom questions and receiving private feedback

What Your Customer Sees

A text message example displayed on a phone.

A simple text message invitation.

  • No downloads or logins required to answer the survey questions
  • An opportunity to share impressions honestly and efficiently

What You Can Do With Swell Survey

Send Surveys to Customers via Text or Email

Leverage the feedback from simple surveys to improve your business.

Send the Right Questions to the Right People

Customize your questions and your recipient groups.

Get Real, Honest Feedback

See how you’re doing through benchmark surveys like Net Promoter Score™.

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The Features

Simple Text-Message Surveys

Automatically get feedback through highly effective and quick text message surveys.

Net Promoter Score™

Send this standard benchmark survey to get a pulse on how many of your customers would recommend you to others.

Survey Reporting and Analysis

See at-a-glance results or dive into the raw details all in one dashboard.

Easy Survey Response

Get more detailed feedback or resolve issues by chatting with survey respondents directly inside Swell.

Automated Team Assignment

Automatically assign members of your team to specific survey responses so they can correct issues ASAP.

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