Twin Cities Pain Clinic: From Review Desert to Review Tsunami

Twin Cities Pain Clinic: From Review Desert to Review Tsunami

How Twin Cities Pain Clinic Saw a Tidal Wave of Reviews

Twin Cities Pain Clinic’s 8-Month Review Revolution

The Business: Twin Cities Pain Clinic

  • Location: St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN
  • Mission: Provide patients and community the most innovative breakthrough treatment options to improve overall health and wellness.
  • Overview: Twin Cities Pain Clinic is Minnesota's local pain management expert. The clinic is committed to providing lasting pain relief and improved quality of life using the most advanced, effective pain treatment techniques.
  • Started Using Swell: July 2020

The Challenge

TC Pain Clinic was struggling with reviews. It didn’t have a lot of them, and those it had didn’t reflect the positive feedback it was seeing in customer surveys. Jeff Blanchard, the clinic’s marketing manager, tried to increase the clinic’s reviews by handing out review-request cards at checkout, but with no luck.

The Watershed Moment

Jeff started shopping around for a software tool that could help the clinic bring in more reviews. He used Capterra to compare the features and cost of several different review-generation platforms, and ultimately decided Swell was the best solution for his needs.

“Swell gave me the best combination of quality, know-how, and price range.”

The Setup

Jeff said the tool setup was smooth, quick, and very clear. “I didn’t have many questions. When we were ready to launch, I was ready to use it.” Jeff liked that he could easily control and automate the review-management process for all four locations without having to burden his colleagues at the front desk with review-related tasks. “It’s a high-octane process, and the front-desk staff is already loaded with other stuff. Plus, I’m kind of a stickler and I like to be able to control the messaging from a marketing communication standpoint.” 

The Results

“When you’re only getting one review a month and it happens to be a bad one, it stings. People are more likely to see it, and it has a bigger impact on your overall review score. We needed to bury the occasional bad review with lots of positive ones. I knew they were out there, and, sure enough, Swell revealed that they are.”

Before Swell, Twin Cities Pain Clinic was averaging one review per month. Since launching Swell, it’s averaging 75 reviews per month, with its highest month clocking in at 114. All four clinics have increased their overall review scores by nearly a full point, and each location now enjoys triple-digit review totals.

The Future

Moving forward, the clinic plans to start using WebChat to better route questions and give patients more ways to connect. And since the clinic hadn’t tracked its web traffic prior to Jeff joining the team, he looks forward to using this year as a benchmark and finding new ways to increase site visits with Swell.

The Takeaways

Tools Used

  • Swell Review
  • Swell Message
  • Swell Insight

Review Results

Received 2.5 times more reviews in eight months of using Swell as in the entire 17 years prior.

Top 5 Favorite Swell Features

  • Immediate review boost
  • 1:1 text messaging
  • Customizable messages
  • Ability to create HIPAA-compliant message templates to respond to reviews
  • Scheduling reminders

“Leadership is thrilled. Swell data is my favorite slide to share.”

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