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Title: 10 Tips To Building Your Brand Reputation Online

August 16, 2021

How do I build my company's online reputation?

To help business owners with building their online brand reputation, we asked CEOs and business owners this question for their best pieces of advice. From providing quality service to leveraging a Google My Business page, there are several strategies that may help you build your brand’s reputation online. 

Here are ten tips to building your brand’s reputation online:

  • Secure and Update Your Website
  • Celebrate Wins and Expertise
  • Keep Your Branding Consistent
  • Conduct Market Research
  • Provide Quality Service
  • Produce High-Quality Content
  • Build Yourself as an Industry Leader
  • Leverage a Google My Business Page
  • Contribute to Industry Articles
  • Engage in Your Customer’s Feedback


Secure and Update Your Website 

Social media has completely changed the landscape of how companies should forward their efforts to building their reputation online. And it’s worth it to make sure that your social media presence is definitely standing out, but once you get the attention, you don’t want to fall through on the website. Making sure that your website is updated and easy to navigate can help you in the long run. People who feel safe and satisfied with interacting with your website are more likely to return back to your company and will feel like you’re reputable.  

Sundip Patel, LendThrive

Celebrate Wins and Expertise

One way to build an online reputation is by sharing your achievements and awards. This isn't about bragging per se. It's about making sure that you communicate with your audience that you are the person for the job. When it comes to people's oral health, they need to know they're picking a place that is the best and capable of handling their needs. We share our story on our website and specifically highlight our areas of expertise. By adding the achievements to the website, areas of expertise, and awards, we are showing customers that we're a reputable dental lab capable of handling their needs. 

Henry Babicheknko, Stomadent

Keep Your Branding Consistent 

To build your company’s online reputation, I think the first step is making sure that you’ve consistently branded your company in all aspects and that you deliver on that brand consistent results. Customers should be able to see who you are, and what you stand for, even if they’re only on the page or listening for a few moments. This isn’t to say that you can’t change, rebuild, or expand 一 all those things are beneficial to the longevity of your company! But having a good name starts with making sure that you’re delivering on that name at all times. 

Gwen North, Lake Rabun Hotel

Conduct Market Research

To even start building a reputation, you're going to need to know what you're getting into. Do your research, assess which topics are ones relevant to your target audience. This can help you tailor your blog posts and the type of content you'll want to push out. If you're talking about a topic no one cares about, no one is likely to come back to you. For us, we know people want information about protecting their screens and finding the best protective case out there without a lot of bulk. Make sure you're strategic in your approach and not just making noise on the internet will help build your online reputation. 

Peter Babichenko, Sahara Case

Provide Quality Service 

Your online reputation is often linked to online reviews and good online reviews attract potential customers. That’s why I'm committed to offering only the best eyelash extension supplies in my shop. Every single product I sell goes through a rigorous testing and approval process by industry-leading experts. Part of building an online presence for my company, The Lash Professional, has been our dedication to providing expert-approved quality products. Our positive reviews of our products and services speak for themselves!

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional

Produce High-Quality Content

Building a strong online reputation as a DTC brand is of the utmost importance. If a customer hears about us or comes across an ad for Kegelbell, they’re most likely going to do another search online to see if we’re a trustworthy brand. We have a small window to make a big impact on them, which is why we put a lot of effort into building a strong online reputation. Some of the key tactics that we prioritize are ensuring our brand is consistent across all our assets, sharing high-quality content that speaks to our customers and partnering with trusted brands and influencers to improve our brand by association. 

Stephanie Schull, Kegelbell  

Build Yourself as an Industry Leader

One great way to enhance your brand reputation is to position your brand as an industry leader. Start with core topics that relate to your industry, products and services. With some well informed keyword research and a little browsing of customer FAQs, you’ll have a solid list of ideas to create content around. From blog posts to guides to videos, high quality content provides value to users. This consistent content production signals to search engines that your brand is an authoritative source and provides more opportunities for ranking on the coveted first page. So build your reputation with intentional, consistent content and watch users return to your site time and time again.

Claire Routh, Markitors

Leverage a Google My Business Page

If someone can't find you on Google, you don't exist. In order to build your company's online reputation, you need to become visible on the world's biggest search platform. This means that you must build a Google My Business Page and solicit reviews, get your website to rank for keywords relevant to your business in your area, and create social media profiles that keep your business front of mind for potential customers.

Wesley Jacobs, Apollo Medical Travel

Contribute to Industry Articles 

Contributing queries from reporters is one way to increase your online reputation. Websites like Qwoted and HARO email queries searching for experts in a particular field to contribute to articles. Being featured in an article and linking back to your website or online store enhances your credibility when a reputable source links back to your content and features your response. When this occurs, it also increases your search engine optimization (SEO) and gets your website closer to the first page on google.

Annette Harris, Harris Financial Coaching

Engage in Your Customer’s Feedback

One way to build your company's online reputation is by encouraging your customers to write reviews online about their experience with your products. Your job is to motivate your customers to leave reviews and to highlight this social proof across your social media pages, the press, and your website. Positive user generated content in the form of reviews helps build trust for the company as well as a reputation of quality. The more positive reviews you receive, the more your reputation grows online.

Joe Flanagan, VelvetJobs

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