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Revolutionizing Healthcare: Unveiling Our Patient Experience Solution

October 2, 2023

Hey there friends of Swell!

We have some exciting news from the product side as the Swell platform has just taken a giant leap forward. Get excited as we dive right in. 

Picture this: a healthcare experience where every patient's voice matters, where concerns are addressed promptly, and where improvements are driven by real insights. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, dream no more because we have unveiled our groundbreaking Patient Experience Management solution, and it's all about transforming healthcare practices from the inside out.

From Feedback to Transformation Thanks to Automated Surveys

For us, it’s not just about collecting reviews; it's about strategically gathering insights at every crucial juncture of a patient's journey. These insights, collected in real-time, are the building blocks for identifying areas of improvement, addressing concerns, and ultimately boosting the overall patient experience. Swell does this by allowing you to create custom surveys then send them automatically. 

Creating a custom survey in Swell

Elegant Reporting to View Feedback

Once surveys are sent, it’s easy for members of your team to review the data that comes back right inside Swell. You can see number responses, how long responses take, as well as what the responses are telling you.

Seamless Integration for Smart Sending

What's even cooler is that Swell's patient experience solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems like Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management Systems (PMS). This means that practices can automatically send out surveys through these systems, tailored to providers, procedures, dates, and more. It's feedback collection made smart, simple, and super efficient.

A Leap Towards Better Healthcare

With this launch, Swell reaffirms its commitment to transforming healthcare practices and enhancing the patient experience. By offering a comprehensive solution that captures feedback, boosts patient satisfaction, and elevates the quality of care, Swell is paving the way for a brighter, more patient-centric future in the healthcare industry.

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