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Six Reasons to Get Excited About Our Huge Swell Message Upgrade

April 8, 2024

Messaging is a foundation of what we do here at Swell. After all, how can we invite someone to leave a review or feedback without sending a message? Since this part of our platform is so crucial, we’ve spent countless hours on a ground-up rebuild to make it even better. This update will not only make it easier for users to manage their day-to-day inquiries, but will also lay the groundwork for a better experience across the board, whether you’re talking about invites to patient or employee surveys, or review invites. 

Let’s take a look at what’s on the horizon by exploring six reasons you should be excited about this productivity-boosting upgrade to messenger. 

Better Context Across The Customer Relationship

A better messaging experience ultimately helps you maintain context around a whole patient or customer relationship across different interaction types. For instance, you’ll know that a particular patient left a review, completed a survey, and chatted to you via web chat since their interaction history will be included in their message thread. 

More Focused and Intuitive

The new interface is streamlined to make it simpler to read, reply to, and organize your messages. We not only simplified the UI to eliminate distractions, we’ve also added some enhancements to help you keep better track of who you’re replying to and who you’re replying as. This is particularly useful for teams that handle complex, multi-brand communications.

Incredibly Fast 

We’ve completed major upgrades under the hood to deliver fantastic messaging performance. Common tasks like searching, archiving, and switching between large folders are snappy and responsive, letting you address patient/customer inquiries much faster. Plus, it’s built for enterprise scale— key actions and workflows stay quick even when managing hundreds of brands and a high volume of daily messages.

Designed for Multiple People Across Teams

You can now flag messages and create folders for different departments, making it easier to interact with messages even if you have different teams doing it. It’s a great way to stay organized and it creates additional accountability. Plus, let’s say you started replying to a message at the same time as someone on your team – how would you know someone is already doing it? We’ve added an indicator that lets you know when a teammate is typing, which helps keep replies consistent and helps you avoid redundant work.

You Can Customize Folders 

Not all messages are the same and not all organizations wish to manage them the same way. That’s why you can now create custom folders, similar to how you might in an email platform. These folders allow you to organize your messages in whatever way makes the most sense to you and your organization. For instance, inquiries related to billing can have their own folder. Insurance, another, and so on.

The Rebuilt Search Is Fast and Comprehensive 

We’ve made it simpler to search through your conversation history, whether you’re looking for a phone number, name, or specific keyword or text. We want you to be able to find portions of messages as quickly as possible so you’re never wasting time combing through old messages when you need something.

This is just a few of the great new updates coming to the Swell Messenger. If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, shoot us an email to join the beta.

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