Swell Energizes Marketing and Brand With New Leadership

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: Swell announced new marketing leadership to grow the Swell brand and help empower more local businesses with the tools they need to win. Marketing veteran Justin Strong joins as chief marketing officer (CMO) with Casey Morgan as vice president of creative. 

Strong’s background is in planning and executing growth strategies for software as a service (SaaS) companies. He and Morgan were co-founders and partners at Room 118, an agency with a unique, data-driven approach to SaaS marketing and a strong dose of rebellious spirit. While at Room 118, he pioneered the ARC reporting methodology and his own brainchild, the Dark Horse Formula for SaaS. Before Room 118, Strong served as vice president of marketing and chief revenue officer at Loveland Innovations and vice president of marketing at Moki–both of which informed his broader view of what works–and does not work–in SaaS marketing.

“Casey and I were privileged to work with many great SaaS brands during our time at Room 118, and were asked to join many of these teams. This was the first time we said yes. I couldn’t be more excited to join Swell in-house at this stage in its growth. SaaS marketing that drives real value is tricky to do, and I’m eager to apply the models we refined at Room 118 to such a great company,” said Strong. “We’re ready to hit the ground running and bring new energy to Swell’s marketing so it can reflect the full value that Swell brings local businesses from first contact through years of growing their company with Swell.”

Strong will be joining Swell’s executive leadership team and overseeing marketing campaigns to support company growth goals. He will lead Swell’s existing marketing team and continue to build out marketing headcount. Morgan will lead the creative team building the kind of creative content that made him a legend among Room 118’s client base. He’ll be taking on Swell’s branding and asset creation, including creative process, design and content.

“It’s time to dig into what the Swell brand is and how it portrays our values and serves our customers,” said Morgan. “Our highest priority is the local businesses we serve, and our product already reflects that. Now it’s time for our brand to do the same.” 

“Ever since working with Justin on Swell’s early branding strategy we’ve wanted to get him on board here at Swell,” said Swell CEO Drew Sparks. “He proved his method for creating high-performing marketing machines at Room 118 and we know how powerful it’s going to be when he and Casey apply the same approach for our team.”

About Swell

Swell is a customer experience platform that empowers local businesses to modernize their customer journey and grow their business. Swell puts customer interaction front and center and uses messaging tools to automate every touchpoint, tap into powerful consumer insights, and generate reviews that bring in new business. Learn how Swell is shaping the future of customer experience for local business at www.swellcx.com.

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