Sexy UI, Swell Pay, and Swell Schedule. A Journey Into Swell 3.0

June 4, 2020

We’re stoked.

Why? Because at the end of June, we’re launching something awesome. It’s a complete revamp of the Swell platform that includes a ton of new features designed to help our customers grow the easy way.

The best thing about it? To me it’s our renewed focus. This release isn’t just a step forward in design (it’s super pretty), it also reinforces a philosophy we truly believe: tools for local businesses should provide serious results and be super easy to use. That’s why the latest version of Swell is built with simplicity from the ground up.

Outside of that, there are some other things we’re excited to share.

Our New Mantra: Discover. Connect. Grow.

If local business growth should be easy, what steps help you do it? Swell 3.0 is built around three simple steps that lead to amazing, almost-automatic growth.

Discover – First, learn from honest online reviews and surveys to improve customer service, your online reputation, and search ranking.

Connect – Next, create meaningful interactions and build trust through text, Facebook messenger, online chat, and more. It’s about answering questions, converting prospects, and generally kicking butt at providing a great customer experience.

Grow – Use feedback and constant improvement to fuel a stronger online reputation, to get higher search rankings, and all the loyal new customers that come with.  


Swell_Infographic_Making Patient Experience a Growth Engine v8-cc-10

Pretty cool, right?

Sweet New Features (Crowd Goes Crazy)

What kind of release would it be if we added a new paint job but didn’t add any cool stuff under the hood? This release adds a couple of features our customers having been clamoring for.

Swell Schedule – Swell Schedule makes it easy for your customers to request appointments right on your website. This is a great way to make life easy for your staff while also making things super convenient for customers. Check out this page to learn more about Swell Schedule.

Swell Pay – Swell Pay lets you text payment reminders to your customers. Once they receive them, they can pay securely, and instantly on their phone using whatever payment method they wish (credit/debit/transfer/mobile pay/etc.). This will make settling up easy for customers and will also help you cut down on delinquent payments. Learn more here.

Fresh Product Names

Last but not least, the features you already know have some freshened up names. Here’s the full list of what every single user will get with the latest Swell platform:

  • Swell Message – This brings together your text, WebChat and Facebook messages so you can reply fast.
  • Swell WebChat – Our easy-to-use chat tool you might already have on your website.
  • Swell Insight – Powerful at-a-glance reporting across all aspects of your brand.
  • Swell Review – Collect hundreds of great reviews on platforms that matter.
  • Swell Survey – Send text-based surveys to customers and see how you’re doing.
  • Swell Schedule – let customers request appointments on your website.
  • Swell Pay – Send payment reminders and get paid faster.


How You Can Try It Early

Oh, you wanna try it early, huh? You might be in luck. We’re offering select users a sneak peek at our latest version before it’s publicly available. Visit this page to request access and we’ll get back to you.


Thanks, We Love You!


That’s about it! Stay tuned for more info on the release of Swell 3.0, including a live webinar, and other helpful stuff. Until then, don’t hesitate to give us a shout at for more information.

Thank you friends of Swell!  

Drew Sparks, CEO and Co-founder


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