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Provider Reviews: Why Reviews for Your Practice Are Just the Beginning

January 19, 2023

While most practices are gathering reviews for the practice itself, not many are getting provider-specific reviews. This is actually a secret ingredient that's helping a lot of practice grow, and they can make a huge impact on how your overall practice is perceived. Here are three crucial things every practice should know about getting provider-specific reviews:

They Can Increase Your Footprint on Google

90% of patients search for providers on Google1. If you have one listing on Google, it’s too easy for a searcher to scroll past it. By even just adding a single provider listing, you immediately double your presence. The more provider listings you have, the harder it is to miss your practice.

They Help You Stand Out to Patients Seeking Specialty Care

36% of patients are looking for specialty care2. They don’t just want a great practice, they want the most reputable provider. Make it easy for them to vet and choose your practice by showing up as the most highly-reviewed provider in their search results.

They Help You Get Specific Feedback to Level up Your Care

When patients share feedback in a provider review, it can be implemented by that team member immediately. Individualized feedback lays the foundation for better care across all your providers. Using feedback to improve is worth it: 94% of patients are “very likely” to return for future visits after one great experience3.

Sound interesting? Swell not only makes it easy for practices to boost their online reputation through practice reviews, we now also provide the ability for you to get reviews for the providers at your practice. Curious to learn more? Reach out to our team to see how provider reviews can help you grow.


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