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Swell’s Patient Experience Solution Is Now in Beta

June 23, 2023

We at Swell have been leveling up in a lot of big ways. In particular, we’ve been pushing hard on some awesome new products designed to help healthcare professionals improve the patient experience, which, as any healthcare pro will tell you, is really what healthcare is about. 

As we looked for ways to bring more value to customers, we realized we could build on something we can do better than anyone else in our space: generating feedback.  

While the majority of our efforts have focused on gathering reviews and Net Promoter Score Surveys, we knew it wasn’t enough. Online reputation is critical, but so too is understanding the full patient experience, because that experience is what ultimately feeds a positive online reputation. 

Enter Swell’s latest product, Patient Experience, which is now accepting beta participants. This new product helps healthcare pros create custom surveys they can send to patients automatically at various points in the patient journey. Just finished a procedure? Send a survey about the provider. Wonder how a check-up went? Send a survey about their experience. Wondering how your support staff is doing? You guessed it, send that survey. 

We’ve developed an elegant solution for sending these surveys directly to patients via text message. Since Swell integrates with major EHR/PMS systems, you can create surveys that go out to patients automatically based on different events in your PMS, such as procedure code, provider, and more. Once set up, surveys go out automatically. From there, we provide reporting and insights from those surveys. All you and your team must do is review the feedback that comes in, then act on it. 

Last, the surveys themselves are super simple. Thanks to our customizable text-message templates, we boast much higher survey response rates than are typical of email surveys. And since our surveys are quick and easy-to-fill-out, patients are much more likely to complete surveys and offer their honest feedback. 

By understanding the patient experience, you can improve it. By improving the patient experience, you help boost your reputation. And as  you know, a solid online reputation helps you get noticed and get found by new patients so you can get them in the door, provide a great experience, and continue the whole cycle.  

This is just the beginning of what Swell has in store. Stay tuned for more on Swell’s product roadmap, and reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about the beta.

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