How to Handle Negative Reviews in the Bridal Industry

March 1, 2022

A negative review can feel like rain on your wedding day. But while it never feels good to get a bad review, it doesn’t need to derail your reputation-building plan.

In fact, negative reviews are simply part of doing business in the bridal industry. Every vendor experiences an upset customer from time to time, so don’t get too discouraged when a 1 or 2 star review lands in your inbox.

After taking some time to step away from your keyboard, there are some easy, concrete steps you can take to address the problem and move on quickly.

We put together a free infographic that walks you through the exact steps you should take when you get a negative review. Plus, it’s full of facts and statistics that should provide some comfort when you start worrying about your star rating.

Here’s a teaser: Did you know that the ideal star rating actually isn’t 5 stars, but somewhere in the range of 4.0 - 4.7? That’s because consumers see negative reviews as an indicator that your customers are telling the truth and that your business isn’t blocking bad ratings.

This infographic shows the 7 steps for handling a negative review in the bridal industry.

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