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Swell Awarded G2’s Leader and High Performer Badges for Fall 2021

November 2, 2021

At Swell, we understand how important reviews are for a business. We love helping our customers boost their online reputation through great ratings and positive customer interactions. So naturally, our reviews mean a lot to us, too.

That’s why we were thrilled to be named a “Leader,” “High Performer,” and more in G2’s Fall 2021 Grid Report. Being recognized for these 6 awards tells us we’re headed in the right direction and places us alongside industry leaders for the best customer engagement platform.

What Is G2 and How Are Awards Decided?

G2 is a peer-to-peer review aggregator site that helps business owners compare and select software. Verified users submit unbiased reviews―the website has collected almost 1.5 million as of October 2021―to show a clear picture of a platform’s strengths and weaknesses.

Each quarter, G2 takes recent reviews into consideration to compare providers within each category and award badges to the top performers. As a customer engagement platform, Swell falls into the Online Reputation Management Software category and was ranked in the top 10 of 263 competitors.

See G2 Fall 2021 Grid Report for Online Reputation Management Software

Our Highlights

Swell has an overall G2 Rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 281 reviews. Here’s what stood out to us when we learned about our 6 Fall 2021 badges:

  • Being selected as a “High Performer” reflects great customer satisfaction ratings: 88% according to G2. 
  • Our “Leader” badge in the small business category speaks to our strong market presence, which is based on data points from user reviews and third-party sources gathered by G2. 
  • The “Momentum Leader” award shows our positive growth in number and quality of ratings from the same period last year. We’re not surprised to see our reviews growing at the same rate we are!
  • But of all the badges we received, our “Users Love Us” badge means the most. That badge is awarded to companies who received at least 20 new reviews in the last quarter with 4 stars and above. We more than doubled that requirement by getting 43 reviews with 4+ stars in the previous 3 months.

Seeing happy customers successfully growing their businesses with Swell is our goal, which is why we are so proud of these badges.

Why Swell Stands Out

We have plenty of tools that our users rave about, but it’s more than one single feature that sets us apart. Instead, customers love Swell because it’s built with an understanding of what local businesses need in order to grow. That means affordable prices, no contracts, and tons of integrations. Swell is an easy-to-use toolkit that strikes the right balance of customization and automation so users can set it up easily and see results right away.

Hear From Our Customers

"Swell gets the reviews! It just works! The seamless integration and automation of all the offerings. The phone application is handy for responding to client inquiries quickly. Best thing I like is all the new Google reviews we are getting!” - Jeremy S., Small Business Owner, Dentist

“I enjoy the convenience that Swell offers to keep me connected to our customers.” - Agency in Health, Wellness, and Fitness

“Huge Review Turnout. Was able to really grow my company review authority with Swell! Went from 5 reviews to 120 5-star reviews in 8 months.” - Administrator in Alternative Medicine

Read more reviews on G2.

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(Source:, Inc.)

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