Farber Center Case Study

Company: The Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants

Industry: Dental 

Size: 2 locations

Dr. Alan Farber, owner of the Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants, started hearing about peer practices that used reputation management software to turn their high ratings into new patients and revenue. What started as a search for a review generation tool revealed that a series of seemingly unrelated problems–from online visibility to a staff overwhelmed with patient engagement–could be solved with one partner: Swell. 

Problem: A Review Drought
For Farber Center, reviews help boost their visibility on Google and impress prospective patients who vet them. Despite patients’ high opinion of the practice, their success didn’t naturally translate into a flood of new reviews.

“We get a lot of patients from the internet and visibility really helps. Patients look at other offices and see their reviews. Most people read reviews now.” - Dr. Farber

At first, Dr. Farber’s staff asked for reviews and even tried review management platforms. Though successful initially, review numbers always seemed to trickle off.

Swell Solution: An Influx of Reviews (That’s Just the Start)
Swell is integrated with their patient database and is configured to send out automatic text messages requesting a review from patients after their appointment–all without any action required by their staff.

With Swell, the reviews have rolled in consistently.

They use native tools within the Swell dashboard to respond to reviews, which is another factor that helps them rank higher in Google search results.

294 Google Reviews
4.9 Star Rating
“We’ve been getting reviews at a minimum of every two days.” - Allen Jao, Office Supervisor

The Problem: A Busy Staff That Couldn’t Get Patients on the Phone

With a high flow of patients in and out of two locations every day and seemingly endless paperwork, the staff at Farber Center was understandably overwhelmed. Not to mention the strain of the coronavirus pandemic, which required extra patient screenings and precautions.

Calling and leaving voicemails for patients was just another thing on a laundry list of tasks the staff needed to do every single day. They found that patients often wouldn’t answer their phones and voicemails would go without response. That meant patients would miss appointments or arrive without the necessary paperwork.

The Swell Solution: Happy Patients

One of the biggest unexpected benefits of Swell has been how it facilitates their communication, not only saving staff time, but improving patient satisfaction too.

Dr. Farber’s office ported their regular office phone number to use it for texting, and they send much more than just review requests:

Appointment reminders
Phone call follow-ups
COVID-19 screenings
Schedule changes

Dr. Farber and his staff have noticed that most of their patients now prefer texting over calling. Even if they ultimately need to get the patient on a phone call, a brief text message exchange can open the door.

90% of patients respond to Swell text messages
“It’s been very helpful sending text messages to patients. It’s been consistent and patients are very happy we can communicate like that as well.” - Dr. Farber

The Problem: Past Solutions That Wasted Staff Time

Farber Center tried a number of review management platforms as well as tools meant to facilitate patient communication through texting.

Dr. Farber reported that past platforms would stop working for weeks at a time without notice. After discovering an issue, they often didn’t receive an explanation of what went wrong.

With previous texting platforms, they were disappointed by a complicated user experience. 

The Swell Solution: A Happy, More Productive Staff

Swell’s built-in features have saved valuable time:

They receive email and dashboard notifications for new messages
Messages can be directed to staff phones
Old messages can be pulled up when patients starts a new conversation
Staff can leave comments on text messages

Most importantly, they have found the tools to be simple to use. With such a busy practice, there’s no spare time to troubleshoot software issues.

99.9% System uptime

Under 3 minutes to send a text message

“I adore the way the text messages are laid out. Swell has made everything really neat and organized which has helped a lot with productivity.” - Allen Jao, Office Supervisor

Software They Can’t Live Without: Dr. Farber and his staff have found Swell to be a robust platform that delivers a lot more than they bargained for. Since they decided it was a worthwhile investment just for its ability to help grow the practice; the extra benefits of boosted productivity and happier patients have further validated their decision.

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