Digital Transformation Webinar

Digital Transformation Webinar Recording

A Quick Summary

Technology and trends are changing patient expectations.  It’s time to revisit your reputation, communication, and relationships. Learn about technologies, programs, and options to gain a competitive edge, attract patients and improve the bottom line.

- Meet patient needs more effectively, while saving time
- Attract new patients and reduce friction, without extra work
- Improve your bottom line


How to Gain More Reviews—And Gain the Competitive Edge

When it comes to being the number one dental practice in your area, reviews can make all the difference. The more reviews you have, the easier it is for new patients to find and book appointments with you, and the wider the gap gets between you and your competitors. A deep well of reviews not only inspires trust for prospective patients, it boosts your Google search rankings.

Luckily, tapping into that well is surprisingly easy. It just takes a few simple steps.

  1. Claim your Google My Business page.
    This will let you manage your business information across Google services and receive and respond to Google reviews.

  2. Ask your patients to leave you reviews.
    This is a key difference between businesses with tons of reviews and businesses with only a few. You can ask in person, but email or text is much more effective.

  3. Send a reminder.
    Everyone’s busy these days. If you don’t get a review within a few days of your initial request, send a friendly reminder.
  4. Make it convenient.
    Like we said, everyone’s busy. If your patients can leave a review with minimal clicks in a matter of seconds, they’re much more likely to do it.

  5. Use a review-management tool.
    The right tool can automate steps 2–4, so you never miss a chance to gain a review (and you don’t create more work for yourself). It’ll also let you manage reviews across multiple platforms. 

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