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Manage Your Customer Experience On-the-Go With the Swell App

July 19, 2022

These days, customers expect businesses to answer their questions almost instantly. Two out of three customers say they expect a response to their message within 10 minutes!* That’s an extremely high bar for any business, but proves even more difficult if your job puts you out in the field and away from your desk most days.

Remote customer experience (CX) management gives your team control over providing an excellent experience, no matter where you are.

Read on to learn:

  • What remote CX management means
  • Which industries and users need remote CX management most
  • Why a remote CX tool is worth it
  • How the Swell app lets you take charge of your CX remotely

What is Remote Customer Experience Management?

Remote CX management is a way to stay in control of your messages, contacts, and reviews without a computer. It gives you the tools you need to chat with customers–often connecting your business phone number, social media accounts, webchat, and more–right on your phone through a mobile app. It takes every platform you might need to monitor for customer communication and centralizes it to one easy inbox.

That means you can reply to customer questions from the road and stay on top of any high-urgency reviews right when they come in. No matter where you are, your conversations and reputation are just a few clicks away, so you never miss a message and can proactively manage customer concerns.

Who Needs Remote CX Management?

Whether you’re a river guide on a three-day rafting tour, a plumber out on a call in the middle of nowhere, or just an office worker caught away from your desk when an important message comes in, you can benefit from remote CX management.

A few groups will find remote CX management especially worthwhile:

Industries that spend more time outside the office. In the home services industry a business might have a fleet of teams out on different jobs throughout the day. They might field an incoming request from a customer with a same-day appointment and need to put that customer in touch with the right technician. With remote CX management, every technician can have an app on their phone to manage customer conversations. This also applies to the tourism industry, door-to-door sales teams, and more.

Small businesses that don’t have administrative staff. If you own or work for a small business, you know that everyone wears multiple hats. There isn’t always someone in the office able to field customer inquiries. Using a remote CX management app gives every employee access to customer conversations whether they’re in the office or out. Anyone with a cell phone is empowered to answer questions, reply to reviews, and respond to feedback.

Is a Remote CX Tool Worth It?

With a solid way to manage your CX from anywhere, you don’t have to feel chained to your desk. And responding to questions quickly doesn’t just reduce stress. Creating positive experiences is simply good business. Around 80% of customers say that the experience a business provides is as important as its services and products**.

Being able to answer questions fast provides an impressive customer experience. It makes the customer feel like a priority and satisfies their expectation of quick responses. Happy customers leave great reviews, which bring in more business, and the cycle keeps on going.

How Does the Swell App Provide Remote CX Management?

Swell is a customer experience platform for small businesses. It helps you connect with customers, source reviews that help you grow, and learn from feedback to improve your business. You can access Swell on a web dashboard from any computer connected to the internet. But many of our customers need the ability to do all those things on the move. That’s where the Swell app comes in.

With the Swell app you can count on a reliable, intuitive mobile experience that allows you to message with customers and reply to reviews on-the-go.

You can manage existing contacts, create new contacts and companies, and send messages right on your phone. Then, everything syncs instantly to all your team members whether they’re using the mobile app or dashboard.

With Swell’s recent updates, it's faster and easier than ever for you to search, find, and respond to your customers. You’ll experience faster load times, stronger reliability, and an overall better user experience.

Just because you’re away from your computer doesn’t mean you should leave your customers hanging or your reputation open to risk. With Swell, you stay in control and keep your customer experience seamless no matter where you are.

Think that your team could benefit from remote customer experience management? Book a demo of the Swell app.



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