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Latest Product Updates - Federated Login, Email Changes, and More

February 22, 2024

The last few months have been busy. We’re not just making crucial tweaks to existing products, but laying foundations for some of the really incredible updates and launches we have slated for later in the first half of the year. Here’s what we’ve been up to and a peek at what’s to come.  

Latest Updates

Updates to How Swell Handles Emails - While these changes are small from a user’s perspective, they’re big for ensuring that your emails continue to get delivered to Gmail and Yahoo inboxes. Basically, they reflect some of the latest best practices put forth by these email providers and are part of our ongoing efforts to maximize deliverability and open rates for your emails. 

What recipients used to see when receiving an email from Swell

What recipients now see when receiving an email from Swell

Federated Login - Swell now offers the ability to login using your G Suite or Microsoft account. If you’re interested in activating this feature on your account, please reach out to your CSM or to our support team

End of Support for Team Chat - While you can continue to use Team Chat for the foreseeable future, we’re ending support for it on March 31, 2024. This means that we will no longer roll out new updates and we won’t be able to field support inquiries related to the product. This is part of our overall efforts to focus on features most crucial for gathering insights and feedback.  

Enhanced Review Replies - In situations where your team is unable to respond to reviews immediately, we’ve developed a tool that does it automatically. This way, you can reply in-person to reviews that require a human touch and let Swell reply to more positive reviews that don’t. Reach out to your CSM or to our support team

Retiring an Older Version of Swell - As we continue to put our resources into providing the best tools for gathering feedback, we decided to retire an older version of Swell (V2). While most users are already using the latest version, a handful of users will lose access to the old V2 experience of Swell by March 31, 2024 and will only have access to the current version of Swell. As the most up-to-date version, it has the most robust feature set, and a more streamlined experience. You’ll be able to accomplish the same things in the latest version of Swell, plus a lot more, and in a more user-friendly environment. You can see some of our most recent updates here.

Old version of Swell (v2)
Current version of Swell

Minor Tweaks and Bug Fixes - We continue to squash bugs and make tweaks that enhance the experience for our users.

What's Coming

New Messenger Beta- Our messenger tool is a crucial foundation for how we get things done at Swell. It’s how you text folks, field inbound questions, plus so much more. And now it’s being totally rebuilt. While it’ll still be quite similar to the experience you’re used to, it’s much faster. The search is much more effective. You’ll also gain new ways to organize messages including custom folders that make it easier to prioritize and assign tasks right inside the message inbox. We’re extremely excited about this update, and we’d love to get your feedback. If you’d like to test out the earliest version in our beta, shoot us an email here.  

Employee Experience Management - We know that some of healthcare’s biggest challenges come from staff shortages and burnout. We also know that gathering honest anonymous feedback from employees is one of the first steps toward addressing them. Our new Employee Experience Management (EXM) solution is a simple, automated way to begin gathering more feedback from employees. When you can listen better to their challenges, it’s much easier to work toward solutions, and when employees are happy, patients are taken care of, at growth is almost guaranteed. To join our beta program, shoot us an email here

That's it for now, be sure to check in for more updates! 

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