Every Message, Every Customer, One Screen

Have text, email, or Facebook conversations with one person or thousands from one dashboard.

For any local business, engagement is part of providing a killer customer experience. But it’s hard to stay on top of hundreds of emails, text messages, or Facebook chats all at once. Ever wonder how often you’re missing opportunities with prospects? And how many times have you dropped the ball replying to customers? Swell makes sure you never miss a thing by giving your team a quick way to answer questions, solve problems, and build trust with customers and prospects in a single collaborative experience.

Collaborate Across Teams & Locations

Provide faster service to customers by automatically routing messages to the right people in your organization, wherever they are.

Streamline Customer Communications

From one-on-one messaging to bulk text and emails, Swell makes it easy to contact one or thousands of people.

Automatic Engagement

Set up smart automations triggered by events in your POS/CRM/PMS system. This lets you automatically send follow-ups, appointment reminders, or solicit reviews, all without changing how your team works.

Feature List

Unified Messaging

Bring text, email, and Facebook messages into one thread so you can quickly address questions or issues.

One-to-One Texting

Chat directly with patients through one of the most convenient and effective channels: texting.

Smart Team Collaboration

Assign messages to specific people or groups in your organization, so the right people can address questions fast.

Bulk Email and Text Sends

Create and use text or email templates, then send to a group of recipients. This is great for soliciting feedback, sending promotions, or sharing news.

Automatic Messaging

Someone bought from your business? You can automatically send a review based on an action in your CMS or PMS. Set it once, then forget it.

Bulk Contact Upload

Upload large groups of contacts so you can build lists and send texts and emails to large lists of contacts.

Contact Management

Easily import and manage groups of contacts to send targeted texts and email promotions or communications.


Integrate with POS, CRM, or PMS systems you already use.


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