Connect More. Touch Less.

December 3, 2020

Swell, LogMeIn, JoAn Majors, and Vinay Kaza join together to put on a webinar about the importance of real connection in 2021.

It's no secret that doctors are willing to invest plenty of money in technology that they believe will help them do dentistry better. But, are they willing to understand the value of the technology that will help them connect with their patients better? Join JoAn Majors and other industry experts to learn how to grow your business and make your communication and patient engagement technology work for you.

  • Communication has never been more important, but it must connect.
  • What is connection? It’s more than just words.
  • We all keep investing in more and more tech. But what’s the real value?
  • If connecting is more important than ever before, we have to be consistent.
  • Be intentional about communication.
  • The vehicles to connect and using them intentionally (our products)
  • Get your messages through effectively.

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