Swell Revamps Product Experience, Adds Payments and Scheduling

Swell 3.0 Simplifies How Local Businesses Use Technology to Engage and Grow

Cottonwood Heights, UT [June 2, 2020 10:00 EDT] – ​​​​Swell, a growth platform for local businesses, today announced a major relaunch of its platform that dramatically simplifies how their solution is used while also adding two powerful products focused on payments and scheduling.

This new version gives local businesses powerful customer engagement tools inside a gorgeous dashboard, without the extra cost or complexity associated with other solutions.  

“Local businesses need tools that are both easy to use and get results,” says Drew Sparks, founder and CEO of Swell. “You can’t sacrifice one over the other. As we talked to our customers it became clear that many alternatives are loaded with stuff you pay for but might not need. Plus, many users find them too cumbersome to use. Swell 3.0 gives our customers everything they need and it’s super simple to use.” 

Zeke Kuch, CRO of Swell, also noted that the latest version of Swell is built around a simple, but effective approach to local business growth. “We believe in a discover, connect, grow approach. First, discover what customers think through online reviews and surveys. This helps you give them more of what they like and less of what they don’t. Second, stay conveniently connected with customers and prospects, so you can build trust through excellent service. These two things boost your online reputation and search rankings, which results in incredible growth and loads of happy customers. This entire approach is now part of 3.0’s DNA. It’s all super easy with our latest version of Swell,” he says.

While Swell’s robust feature set already allows customers to manage text or web communications and gather reviews and feedback, the latest release adds two new features designed to help businesses grow: 

  • Swell Pay makes it easy for a business to send payment requests via text message, so they can get paid sooner. Customers can pay through a variety of secure, compliant payment methods right on their smartphone. 
  • Swell Schedule allows a business’s website visitors to request an appointment time online, so businesses can book them for service. 

Many Swell users are excited to use Swell’s discover, connect, and grow approach to build on the success they’ve already achieved. “Swell helps us do more than get online reviews,” says Trevor Wood, CEO and Founder of Hightower Communication, a wireless communications contractor servicing the Southeastern United States. “We use it to get customer feedback, convert customers on our website, and to just do a better job providing excellent service,” he says.

This latest version will be available in late June. Pricing starts at $199/month with a 12-month contract that includes Swell Message, Swell Review, Swell WebChat, Swell Survey, Swell Insight, and the all new Swell Schedule and Swell Pay. 

Users interested in improving their online reputation can learn more about Swell by visiting swellcx.com. 

For more information visit www.swellcx.com.

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