Real Users Share 5 Problems With Review Platforms

We believe passionately about reviews and what they mean for a product or service. That’s why we assessed dozens of reviews on a popular software review platform* to better understand what users of these solutions think. We uncovered some common problems they have, and for many, review software vendors struggle to provide things that help customers truly succeed. Have you had these same problems?

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Results Are Sorta… Meh

51% - Over half of reviewers mentioned lack of results
“My referrals have not increased by one single patient. I still don't show up in a Google search.”
- Jordanna S.
Apps Are Complex & Don’t Meet Promises
“The service does not match the pitch.”
- Anonymous Reviewer
Contracts Are Just Ridiculous
“[Vendor has] no hardship clauses and a no excuse policy. You will get sued for the balance of the contract.”
- Linda G.

Ease of Use Isn't a Thing

1/3 – Nearly a third of reviews said tools had issues with functionality or ease of use.
“The concept is good, but the product was difficult to use.”
- John J.
UI Makes You Work More, Not Less
“This adds an additional tool that needs to be integrated into your office/business culture. It does NOT replace any tools so, be prepared to have MORE to do rather than fewer interfaces to think about.”
- David B.
Vendors Don't Listen
“Customer service is non-existent and they only care until you sign the contact so they can start charging but will not deliver.”
- Hanna Z.
It Doesn't Integrate With Tools You use
“We would love for it to interface withour medical EMR without having toget a third party involved.”
- Kelly T.

The Swell Difference

Do these problems sound familiar? Maybe it’s time for a change. And don’t worry, we won’t hurt you like they did. At Swell, we’re committed to doing two things incredibly well.
Make Things Easy
From our user interface to our support and pricing (no contract needed), we make everything as easy as possible. And from messaging to timing, everything is totally customizable.
“Ease of use and immediate results.Customer support is very helpful and wants you to succeed.”
- Talar G.
More Stuff Done Well
(Not More Stuff)
Our products are focused on results. Our customers typically see a huge increase in reviews within the first few weeks, on top of providing a better experience for their customers
“The return on investment has been outstanding. Swell is an awesome company to work with.”
- Ryan C.
*All reviews are left by actual review software users on the GetApp platform.