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The challenge with having deep, meaningful engagement with thousands of customers is making sense of it all. From survey responses, to messages, and feedback -- where do you focus your attention? Swell Insight helps you cut through the noise by giving you the most important information at-a-glance, so you can act, fast.

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Get a Pulse on Your Reputation

Save time by seeing a real-time aggregate of your online review scores across platforms like Google, Facebook, and many more.

Track Broad-Level Feedback

See aggregate data including your review comments, Net Promoter Score™, survey results, response time, and overall review performance.

Act Fast if There’s a Problem

Drill into conversations, unread messages, assigned messages, and other data points that keep you on top of customer and prospect inquiries.

Feature List

Feature-Rich Dashboards

View, organize, and understand review, survey, and messaging info across every Swell app.

Aggregate Review Data

Bring together review data from Facebook, Google, and many more, so you have one single source of truth.

Smart Filters

Quickly see relevant data so you can focus on the insights that matter.

Data Visualizations

Detailed graphs let you analyze review trends and track changes over time.

Take-Action Interface

See a few poor reviews? Take action instantly and solve customer problems seconds after reviews are published.